McIntyre Freedman & Flynn is a Registered Investment Advisory Service established in 1986 in Orleans, Massachusetts.  Tom McIntyre, CFA, and President has been managing our portfolios since 1991.  We are an independent company providing professional, personal client services. 


About Us

McIntyre, Freedman & Flynn Investment Advisers, Inc.


We offer you personal one-on-one service.  Our experienced team is available during regular business hours to talk with you and answer your questions.  When you call our office, you will not need to select options or wait for prompts - your call will be answered by a member of our staff.


​​Our Investment Philosophy

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We do all our own research so we are not swayed by the media banter and often use conventional wisdom to our advantage.  We look at the fundamentals of the companies that we invest in and when the stock is at a price point and value that we like, we will buy the stock.  Alternatively, if the fundamentals change we will sell.

Our portfolios are internationally diversified in established equity markets.  The holdings are diversified throughout many industries which include utilities, pharmaceuticals, construction, consumer products, financials, telecommunications, chemicals, etc.

We keep current of events that move markets around the world as our view of the future for portfolio holdings.

We do not have a model portfolio.  Once the accounts are fully invested, there is minimal turnover thus reducing overall transaction costs and taxable gains.